TCS Virtual High School

1. Call (678) 249-0625

We will discuss your specific goal, what you have accomplished already and determine any special circumstances surrounding your decision to select an online learning path. You will be directed to the appropriate web address to submit you application.

2. Apply

Should you decide to enroll with us, we will ask you to submit any 8th grade and High School transcripts that reflect any credits you may have already earned. You will submit an Application and Application Fee via the web address supplied during your initial call. The Application allows us to establish your personal account.

3. Planning

Based on the transcripts you will have submitted, assuming you have transcripts to submit, we will develop a specific graduation plan for you. We will submit the plan for your review and approval before enrolling you in any classes. There is no obligation to enroll in any classes and there are no minimum number of classes in which you may elect to enroll. You are in the driver’s seat and may elect to enroll in as little as one course or as many as 6 courses. We do not recommend enrollment in more than 6 semester courses at any given time.

4. Advise

You will be assigned a personal High School Counselor who will be available to advise you on course selection, SAT and ACT testing. Your counselor will also assist you with post-secondary planning and college applications.

5. Study

Our courses are designed for you to proceed at your own pace. You are allowed up to 26 weeks to complete each semester. However, many students complete a semester in as little as 9 or 10 weeks. We have no specific calendar start/stop dates so you may begin your course of study at any time during the calendar year. There are some restrictions with AP courses as you must have sufficient time to complete a full year AP course prior to the AP exam which is administered in mid-May of each calendar year. Our courses are offered on a traditional college preparatory, Honors or AP level for your convenience. There is no difference in tuition regardless of the level of instruction you may elect.

6. Graduate

Our Virtual High School Diploma program is a regionally and state accredited program. Your transcripts and Diploma are accepted by all accredited schools, Universities, Colleges, Vocational and Technical Programs throughout the United States.