TCS Virtual High School

Is the program an Accredited Program?

The Cottage School is accredited by the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges (SACS) and the Southern Association of Independent Schools (SAIS). Courses provided by FLVS Global are accredited by SACS and AdvancED.

Can a student enroll at any time during the year?

The Virtual Diploma Program has an open enrollment policy. A student may apply for admissions to the program at any time during the school year. Access to course materials is on a 24/7 basis.

How does a student apply to the program?

  • Students interested in applying for admissions to the Virtual Diploma Program should contact Joe Digieso at TCS. Joe may be reached in his office at 678-250-5100, on his cell at 770-313-8456, or via his email.
  • Based on the discussion an Application is issued to the student.
  • The Student returns the application with a transcript(s) of any previously taken High School Level courses to TCS.
  • TCS reviews any courses the student may have previously taken and develops a Graduation Plan (outline the courses the student will be required to complete to meet Graduation Standards). Joe contacts the student to select the first course for enrollment which is part of the Application Process. This course serves as an Assessment Course which enables the online instructor to determine if an online approach is suitable and beneficial for the student seeking admission to the program. It is highly recommend that the first enrollment course be a grade appropriate high school level Language Arts course however the student is free to enroll in any of the courses outlined in the Graduation Plan. The student is furnished with all of the required information to begin the initial Assessment Course which is one of the courses selected from the Graduation Plan. Once the successful assessment is completed, the student is issued an Enrollment Contract. The student can enroll in as many or as few additional required courses as is desirable We recommend a maximum of six courses in a semester, but ultimately that is a student-based decision.
  • Each course is a semester course and is self paced; however, a student is expected to complete a semester course within a period of 26 weeks. The Program supports an open enrollment policy, which means that, students can enroll in courses at any time. Students have 24/7 access to course and technical support via internet connection and regularly-scheduled interaction with individual teachers via e-mail, video chat, text, instant messaging and telephone.

Can Students drop a course and receive a refund?

There are provisions for a refund of any course in which a student is enrolled:

  • If a student drops a course within the first 7 days of enrollment, the student qualifies for a full refund.
  • If the student drops a course within the 8th and 13th days, the student qualifies for a partial refund of $326.25.
  • There is no refund after the 13th day of enrollment.

What are the fees associated with this program?

The initial Application Fee is $500 and covers the administrative costs of establishing the student in the program, a review of the student’s transcript and development of the Graduation Plan. Thereafter, enrollment in the program is $685.00 per semester course. There may be additional charges for international students.

If a student drops a course, are there any negative repercussions?

No. We realize that each student is unique and subject to a unique set of circumstances. If a student enrolls in five courses and finds that their time does not allow for them to maintain enrollment in all five courses, the student may drop one or more of the courses subject to the refund policy outlined above. Dropping a class does not affect continued enrollment in other classes nor does it affect future enrollment.

If the student enrolls as a full time student are the courses taken through TCS transferable?

Yes. Because TCS and FLVS are Accredited School, courses taken at TCS through the Virtual Diploma Program are transferable to another school. At the completion of each course in which the student has enrolled, an official transcript is issued to the student indicating the course and the grade earned.

How many credits are required to meet Graduation Standards?

Currently, a student is required to complete 23 Carnegie units of Credit as follows (each Unit = 2 semesters): 4 Carnegie Units of Language Arts 4 Carnegie Units of Science 4 Carnegie Units of Math 3 Carnegie Units of Social Studies 2 Carnegie Units of Modern Foreign Language 1 Carnegie Unit of Fine Arts ½ Carnegie Unit of Physical Education (1 semester) ½ Carnegie Unit of Health (1 semester) 4 Carnegie Units of Electives (other PE Classes, Geography, Music, other Art Classes, etc)

Are Advanced Place (AP) Courses Offered?

Yes. The program offers 16 AP Courses. Note: we encourage the student to begin the course work at the beginning of a normal school year in order to be prepared for the Advanced Placement Tests administered the following May. Students not given adequate time to master the material generally find the test even more challenging.

Are students assigned an online instructor for each semester of course enrollment?

Yes. Every course has an online certified teacher who is a vital component to the Program.

Do courses require outside materials and, if so, are there any additional charges?

In some instances, the course may require additional materials; however associated tuition covers those costs; therefore, there are not additional material fees.

Are there extra-curricular/enrichment student activities associated with the Program?

Yes. Students can participate in various online clubs and activities.For Example:

  • Extra Curricular Activities: Global School students may participate in any of eleven online clubs including Spanish, English honor societies, International Club, future Business Leaders of America, Science Club and Newspaper Club.
  • Enrichment Activities: Students are welcome to join activities such as the Spring Literacy Fair, Career Day, College Hub Webinars, the World Hunger Forum, the Voter Registration Drive, the African-American Literature Read-in, and much more.
  • Student Interaction: Global School allows students to have many opportunities to collaborate with each other all over the world. They can join the Socratic Café to develop discussion, debate, and presentation skills, or work with others on a science, business, literature or language project.