TCS Virtual High School

Compete & Train On Your Own Schedule

Our Virtual Diploma Program allows you to focus your attention on honing your skills, being fully engaged during practice and participating in tournaments while still completing your high school course work toward earning your diploma. Our content is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from anywhere you can access the internet. Our teachers are responsive to your questions within 24 hours of receiving your communication. In many instances, their responses take even less time than that. You establish your weekly schedule with your instructor based on your availability. Our goal is to be there for you and provide the support, assistance and guidance you require in accordance with your individual needs. Being a fully, regionally accredited program, and meeting NCAA standards for Graduation, the credits you earn with us are fully transferable to any other accredited program should you find the need to re-establish yourself with a brick and mortar school. In the 30+ years we have been providing academic programing for our students, we have never had a student fail to achieve acceptance at a college or university. We look forward to being a part of your success.

Headed To UCF To Play Golf


Thadd has been a natural golfer since early childhood. He recently entered into a program where he could not only develop his athletic skills but also compete, Regionally and Nationally as an amateur golfer. Of course, Thadd also wanted to complete his educational journey and earn his High School Diploma. The Virtual Diploma Program helped Thadd accomplish both goals. Thadd will be graduating in a few short weeks and has recently signed his NCAA Commitment Letter to play golf for UCF.